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Building of a Warrior

Warrior's Training, a multi-year program, is an innovative, experiential learning, and discipleship environment. It's great for individuals, groups or churches who are committed to the journey of self-mastery, spiritual growth, inner healing and emotional maturity. Being discipled is essential to our Christian mandate of making disciples (Matt 28:19). This discipleship program focuses on intimacy with the Lord Jesus, conviction, godly character, and competency (and application) in God's word. Every believer has been designed to be more than a conqueror.

God’s Word says, " Praise the Lord, my protector! He trains me for battle and prepares me for war." - Psalms 144:1 


​The battles we face are to be primarily be won on our knees, with high praise, and the Word on our lips, as well as through self-mastery through discipline (God's discipleship program).

I'd gotten a little complacent in recent years about my studies. I still studied but not in depth and I was basically just taking in knowledge and not sharing it. I've gotten back to deeper studies and sharing what I learn! I'm growing again in the Lord.

I have been stretched in so many ways. I have developed a more intentional prayer life and Bible study. I have had to use my gift more and God has increased my gifts. It’s been an amazing journey.

"I have not worked this hard for the Word and stretched my mind like this in a long time. I am thinking and believing God in a different way. It's very exciting!"

"I think being in a community full of likeminded women that truly desire to live a life dedicated to God has had the greatest impact."

"Thank you for obeying the Lord and following your convictions by creating this training! I have lifelong lessons for myself and to help others in their walk too!"

Building of a Warrior is a 12-month, online training program with one mandatory visit to Texas for graduation. Other gathering opportunities will be available throughout the year. Led by Herb and Kennisha Moffett, this program offers a mix of biblical instruction, observation, practice, and discipline, necessary to master oneself (Proverbs 16:32) in order to be an effective tool in God's hands.

Year 1 Lessons

Session 1: The Warrior 

2: The Weapons 

3: The Order of God 

4: The On-going Training 

5: The "Real" Battle 

6: The Mental Battle 

7: The Governmental Battle 

8: Navigating Darkness 

9: Painful Seasons 

10: Keys to Mysteries of God 

11: Our True Power

12: Judging Battle Outcomes

Prayer Warriors Bootcamp (end of program graduation in Texas) 


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Program Overview

YEAR 1: – Knowledge and Integration of five content areas:

  • Biblical Lessons – study of the Bible and its principles required for the development of a biblical worldview and a balanced and productive lifestyle.

  • Spiritual Gifts and Leadership Assessments - Building of awareness of your unique design in Christ. 

  • Biblical Meditation Practices & Mental Detox - study of the techniques and practices that facilitate and support self-awareness, healing, and development of health at the mental level.

  • Prayer Practices & Principles – study of the various forms and applications of inner communion that facilitate and enhance personal development and healing on all levels of life experiences.

  • Effective Communication – the study of the tools, oral and written skills, and practices that result in deeper, more intimate connections and deeper communication in all areas of life.

  • Community Building - the study and implementation of being discipled and learning to disciple others in an ekklesia format. 

  • Personal Self-Mastery - the process of gaining more self-discipline in order to successfully steward your life, health, family, community, and walk with Christ. 

  • Personal Spiritual Life Coaching with Kennisha or Herbert Moffett (optional)

YEAR 2: Returning students focus on leadership enrichment in key areas:

  • Life Mastery: The building of God's vision for your life

  • Goal Setting and Strategic following of Christ

  • Stewardship (Personal, family, financial, home, calling)

  • Time Management and Decluttering to build simplicity

  • Living out the 12 Chrisitian Disciplines

  • Different Leadership Types: Holy Spirit led, Servant, Collaborative, Transformational, Tyrants

  • Leadership and Discipleship

  • Future Trends in Leadership 

  • Personal Spiritual Life Coaching with Kennisha or Herbert Moffett (optional)

Graduates of Warrior's Training will be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate self-mastery as they follow Christ with understanding of their identity in Him. 

  • Willfully demonstrate supernatural gifts and calling with ease. 

  • Develop and maintain a consistent obedience to God.

  • Overcome sins, mistakes, strongholds, and generational afflictions. 

  • Demonstrate and sustain effective communication practices in all areas of life; learn to overcome negative thoughts and defeat. 

  • Share your faith in boldness and confidence.

  • Pray fervently and effectively and hear from God.

  • Create, engage, and maintain deeper, more meaningful interpersonal relationships; live in revelation knowledge from God.

  • Build and restore a disciplined life. 

  • Serve as a leader in the Body of Christ.