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Why Attend a Couple's Intensive?

Life is busy and most couples are guilty of putting their relationship on the back burner until a crisis arises. Our Intensives give couples the opportunity to carve out time in their busy schedules for a deep dive into their relationship. During the Intensive, couples will discover the deeper underlying issues in their relationship and get solutions. The Intensive's structure facilitates breakthrough. Our Intensives are offered twice a month - Friday nights from 6pm to 10pm, and Saturday morning from 10am to 2pm. 

What's Covered?

No relationship is the same, therefore no intensive is the same. Common topics covered during our Intensives are:

  • How do we disagree and still love each other?

  • What is the process of healing?

  • How do we resolve our conflicts? 

  • Why is our communication so bad? How do we fix it?

  • What are our roles and how do we work together?

  • How to get our passion and intimacy back?

  • Why is our marriage so boring?

  • How do we trust again after an affair?

  • Who is right? Who is wrong? 


Where is it located?

Your hosts Herb and Kennisha Moffett provide a safe, intimate and comfortable environment in Leander, TX. They'll provide dinner and snacks on Friday night and brunch Saturday morning.  

Who benefits from intensives?

Intensives are great for couples who:

  • Prefer a small intimate setting,

  • Seek wise counsel, mediation, and other perspectives,

  • Have lost their connection, 

  • May be great partners but no longer lovers, and

  • Counseling, vacations, and retreats resolved some things but no lasting results.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No, Herb and Kennisha are passionate about helping all families regardless of religion. The foundation of all that they teach and believe is found in the Bible. We believe that God designed intimate relationships to be between one man and one woman.  With this in mind, the information is delivered from scientific, psychological, and spiritual perspectives that are in harmony with the Word of God. So if you're comfortable with being loved on, receiving wisdom, and being challenged to grow by radical believers, without offense, you are welcome. 

Do we have to be married?

No. You're welcomed no matter what stage of the relationship you're in. 

How is the Couple's Intensive structured?

Group intensives are structured in a "Round Robin" fashion.  Herb and Kennisha initiate conversation and each couple has the freedom to provide their perspective.  As couples begin to share their perspectives and challenges, the Intensive begins to transform lives as people increasingly become more transparent.  The truth, in essence, begins to set couples free as they discover that they are not alone and their problem has an answer. It's in this space that the Moffett's provide insights and tools to help. Couples get breakthrough, leave better than they came and with an action plan that will keep them on the right track.

Are there accomodations?

Yes, for a small fee, married couples from out of town can make arrangements for accommodations if they wish to spend the night.  Contact us for more details. ​​

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Intensive Notes

Due to Covid, we've postponed our intensives but we invite you to pray about booking a private coaching session or check out one of our virtual workshops. 

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