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“Herb and Kennisha were right on time...a divine connection even, in our life. We didn't know what we didn't know but they were gracious with us. Their transparent delivery of wisdom, honesty about their own marriage struggles, and their extensive knowledge of relationships blessed us. By the time we spoke our vows publically, we were truly ready and lacked any apprehensions. We recommend them to anyone who is looking to truly be prepared for their marriage.”

— Jasmine & Jason

“My first wife and I never got pre-marital counseling. Now that I'm engaged again, I didn't want to repeat that mistake. I'm so glad we chose to work with Herb and Kennisha! Since we'd been living together for years, we thought we were ready for marriage but after the first session with the Moffett's we were amazed by how much we hadn't ever discussed. That first session was worth the entire fee for us. It revealed hidden expectations and helped us to set realistic expectations of each other. ”

— David & Tina

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