About Us

Three Generations

We Love Families


We believe that the most important institution to our Father is the family. Within the family, the most important element is the marriage of husband and wife...One man to One woman. As these two join to form One flesh, from them will come many...one family, one body, one church. (Genesis 2:22-24)


Our aim is to strengthen communities by building families in the love of Christ Jesus, by the Leading of the Holy Spirit, and with the Grace of the Heavenly Father. 

Our mission with Restoring God's Family Network is to build a believers community and equipping center that's dedicated to inspiring, informing, educating, and maturing Christian families in the Word of God and its practical application in all aspects of a family's life. 

Our Dream

To build a campus that includes:

RGF 24/7 Prayer/Healing House

A Transition Home for Homeless Families 

Marriage Restoration Center

RGF Network Studio

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Herb and Kennisha Moffett

Founder/Sr. Leaders

Apostolic/Prophetic Leaders Herb and Kennisha Moffett are the founders of Restoring God's Family Ministry (RGF). In 2005, they were called by God according to Leviticus 25, to declare the season of jubilee in which God restores the families of his kingdom.

Since 2005, the Moffett’s, graduates of Baylor University (96/97) have been working with families, gaining tools and techniques, that are being shared with families through Restoring God's Family. RGF Network (RGFN) was launched in 2016 as daily, ten minute live broadcast designed to strengthen families in the Word of God. RGF has grown to include a year long discipleship program called Warrior's Training, marriage retreats, couple intensives, family discipleship, as well as three weekly live broadcasts. RGF nurtures a thriving community who are loved, discipled and trained for the glory of God and His Kingdom. 

The Moffett's' live in Austin, Tx. They are the proud parents of two young adult kids. Herb also serves as a Chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains and as a board member with Education Connection. Kennisha currently serves on Baylor's Board of Advocates and Chairs the DEI&B committee. She also serves the pastors community in the Greater Austin area as a Prophetic Prayer.