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Should you apply? Who should join Warrior's Training? These are valid questions. Are you ready for something to disrupt your life? Are you ready to be challenged and stretched out of your comfort zone? Are you ready for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical breakthroughs? Are you ready to follow, to be a student again, and are you teachable? 

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How much time will it take? 

This year long program will cost you 15 hours a month. You'll spend this time in online gatherings, group participation, community building, homework/quizzes, personal sacrifices such as fasting and daily fellowship with God. 

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What tools will I need? 

For this program, you will need to be familiar with (or willing to learn) Microsoft Word, email, Zoom meeting application, Band Group application, computer proficiency, and online calendars. 

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What's expected of me? 

Every trainee will be expected to adhere to our mission and vision as stated in our Statement of Faith, prioritize participation, follow and submit to the leaders authority (Romans 10), complete spiritual and leadership assessments, group work, pastoral check-ins, online teachings, bible study, book club meetings, and attend the graduation in September 2022. The bootcamp is a 3-day bootcamp in Texas. If trainees complete the training, they will receive a certificate of completion at the bootcamp. 

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How much is tuition?

Is it a mixed class? For the most part, the training is broken up into two groups: men and women. Periodically, throughout the year, we combine for activities such as prayer, book club, and special lessons in an effort to grow from each other's unique perspective. 

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Will I be uncomfortable? 

Yes. There will be times that you will experience discomfort, the pressure to fear, and the insecurities that arise when we break out of old patterns, habits, and lifestyles. Growth never comes in control or stagnation. But don't worry, God will not put more on you than you can bear. He will help you rise to every challenge if you are willing.

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What do I need to apply? 

You will need a teachable spirit. The RGF team will lead and teach you in a loving and sober manner. All trainees should expect to become more, in Christ Jesus. Your education, background, status, titles, or positions do not make you qualified. It's a heart issue. Are you ready to leave your old life and step into a life that God has imagined for you?  

Steps to Apply:

1. Read our Statement of Faith

2. If you agree, please fill out Application.

3. Pay for your Tuition.

Satisfaction Guarantee

"Praise the Lord, my protector! He TRAINS me for battle and prepares me for war." - Psalms 144:1

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